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Healthy breakfast smoothie recipes for when you’re running late

We all have those mornings when everything is off-track. Your alarm didn’t go off, you overslept, or you missed the bus – and now, you know you’re going to be late for that big meeting. And in all that fuss, you probably skidded into the kitchen, thought about it twice, and then ran out the door deciding to skip breakfast altogether. 

This is why breakfast smoothies are a saving grace. Not only are they easy to make, store, and grab on the go, but they also make for an easy way to get plenty of healthy foods, like fruits or vegetables, or a combination of both. Breakfast smoothies are also filling, provided you pack it with protein, and can give you a good boost of energy in the morning. 

So for the mornings you find you’re already swamped, here are some healthy breakfast smoothie recipes to prepare in a fix.

1. Banana oat smoothie recipe

One of the most popular and most well-loved drinks, oat smoothies make for a great breakfast in a glass. Since oats are very filling, adding them with milk to combine with other ingredients means you won’t be feeling those hunger pangs anytime before lunch. And while you can pair oats with almost any fruit or berry for the perfect oat smoothie, bananas are a classic ingredient that you can never go wrong with.

Step 1: Take ¼ a cup of rolled oats, 1 chopped up banana, ½ a cup of greek yoghurt, ½ a mango, ¾ a cup of berries of your choice and ¾ a cup of milk.

Step 2: Blend all your ingredients and serve chilled, or store your banana oat smoothie away for later consumption. 

2. Green tea berry smoothie recipe

For those who are lactose intolerant, or are simply looking to boost their metabolism, this breakfast smoothie recipe will pack a punch. Green tea is known for its numerous health benefits, and the best part is that you can hardly taste it in this smoothie! 

Step 1: Take ½ a cup of strongly brewed green tea, ¼ a cup of quick oats, ½ a banana, ¼ a cup of blueberries, ¼ a cup of strawberries, and ¼ a cup of raspberries.

Step 2: Blend all your ingredients and serve chilled, or store it away in your freezer for later. 

3. Mango and orange smoothie recipe

Vitamin C should be an essential part of your diet, and this smoothie will deliver a heaping amount of it. While the orange adds a lovely, tangy aftertaste, the mango gives this smoothie a creamy and rich texture and a delectable sweetness. 

Step 1: Peel one full orange, and combine it with ½ a banana, 1 cup of mango pieces, ½ a cup of milk, and ¼ a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Ensure that you chop up the banana well to get a creamier texture.

Step 2: Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!

4. Tropical chia seed smoothie recipe

Chia seeds are deceptively small when in reality, they deliver a tall order of nutrients, antioxidants, fibre, quality protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. And with plenty of fruits, this smoothie will be loved even by kids.

Step 1: In a blender, add 1 cup of kale, ¾ a cup of pineapple chunks, ½ a mango, 1 peeled orange, ⅓ a banana, 2 teaspoons of chia seeds, and ⅓ a cup of milk.

Step 2: Turn on, and blend until the smoothie is of a smooth consistency. Use a high powered blender if required. 

5. Summer smoothie recipe

In sweltering summers, no one likes to wake up early and cook over a hot stove to prepare breakfast. This summer smoothie recipe ensures you won’t have to! Beat the heat with this cool summer drink instead.

Step 1: Take 1 cup of raspberries, ¾ of a cup of chopped peaches, ¼ a cup of greek yoghurt, and ⅓ a cup of milk. Add these ingredients to your blender.

Step 2: Mix all the ingredients until they reach a rich, creamy consistency, with a slight froth, and serve chilled. You can also add a dollop of honey for some added sweetness.

6. Mango avocado smoothie recipe

Who hasn’t enjoyed the quintessential breakfast item that avocado on toast has become? Having taken on the status of a superfood, these fruits list nutrients for days, and consuming them can lower multiple health risks.

Step 1: Take 1 cup of mango chunks, ½ a banana, 1 cup of pineapple juice, ½ a cup of water, and ¼ of an avocado. 

Step 2: Blend these ingredients in a high-speed blender, and serve chilled. 

You can always garnish your smoothies with a few berries or cocoa powder, depending on what kind of smoothie it is. For example, in the case of oat smoothies, you can add a swirl of honey or a dash of cinnamon for some amazing flavour. You can also combine chia seeds, flax seeds, protein powders and more to make your smoothie recipes more nutritious. For more easy cooking hacks to save you time, visit Wonderchef for premium appliances. 

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