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Healthy food habits to adopt this winter

Healthy Food Habits to Adopt This Winter

As winter approaches, we start picking up the winter clothes to stay warm and believe that this is all we need, which is untrue. We can protect our body from the cold weather with warm clothes but we also need to enhance the immunity of our body. Since the temperature varies, we need to change our eating habits to generate body heat that keeps us warm during winters. These changes in diet can be very beneficial for people with low immunity.

Besides immunity, we also need to take care of our digestion. We get lethargic during winters which negatively impacts our digestive system. We need to eat mindfully to keep our digestive system strong. Let’s take a look at the list of food and ingredients that you need to incorporate in your diet during winters.

  1. Nuts

You can always bet on dry fruits and nuts. Add a lot of nuts to your daily diet including cashews, dates, walnuts, pista, and almond. They generate heat in the body and provide you the energy to get rid of lethargy. Having a handful of dry-fruits in your breakfast can be a good habit.

  1. Green tea

Even if you are not a tea lover, you will like to have hot cups of tea. This winter drink tea in a healthy way. Add green tea to your diet and improve your immunity to fight diseases. Green tea has anti-oxidant properties that will help you fight free-radicals. It can also have a minimal quantity of caffeine which will provide you all the energy to beat lethargy. 

  1. Ghee

Ayurveda suggests having a generous amount of natural oils and ghee in your diet to increase your digestive strength. The unsaturated fat in ghee will warm your body naturally. Ghee is also considered to increase energy, which helps you stay active during winters.

  1. Zinc-rich food

Vegetables rich in Zinc such as spinach and legumes will strengthen your immunity to fight viruses. You can include these vegetables in your daily diet and avoid falling sick. The other option is oatmeal. Often known as a convenient breakfast food, oats are high in fiber and zinc. The former improves the digestion system and the latter improves immunity.

  1. Root vegetables

Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, radish, garlic, and onions are digested slowly and generate a good amount of heat. Also, they have a good amount of roughage content to keep your digestion good. You can choose the seasonal ones as they will be healthier.

  1. Spices

Spices such as ginger and cloves add flavor as well as warmth to your food. You can have these spices in many ways. You can add them in your food as well as coffee. Add flavor and health to your food with all the spices in your kitchen.  

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