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Creative food presentation ideas to amp up your Insta-game

If you’re anything like me, then you love food. You also probably love taking pictures of food. But let’s be honest, sometimes our food doesn’t look as good as it tastes. That’s where creative food presentation comes in! You can take your food photos from drab to fab with simple tips and tricks. This blog will explore some creative food presentation ideas that will help you step up your Insta-game. So whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who enjoys taking pictures of their meals, read on for some inspiration!

Brilliant Food Presentation Ideas

1. Make It Pop With Colour

One of the most crucial aspects of meal presentation is colour. It can make your food look more appetizing and vibrant, and it can also help to set the mood for your meal. Here are some tips for using colour in your food presentation:

  • Use a mix of colours in your presentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations.
  • Consider using contrasting colours to make your food stand out. For example, you could use a white plate with brightly coloured food, or vice versa.
  • Use colour to highlight specific elements of your dish. For example, you could use a pop of colour to bring out the flavour of a particular ingredient.
  • Keep in mind that certain colours can affect appetite. For example, studies have shown that red can increase appetite while blue can decrease it. So if you’re trying to control portions, you may want to consider using blues and greens in your presentation. 

2. Think Outside The Plate

When it comes to food presentation, there are endless possibilities. With a little creativity, your Instagram game can improve. Considerations other than the plate are one way to be inventive with meal presentations. Get creative with how you serve your food. Use fun and unique dishes, bowls, and platters to present your meals. Another way to get creative is to use edible garnishes and decorations. Top off your dishes with fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Be playful with your food presentation, and have fun!

3. Be Playful With Your Food 

Creative food presentation is all about having fun with your food and making it look as appealing as possible. With a little creativity, your Instagram game can improve. Considerations other than the plate are one way to be inventive with meal presentations.

4. Adding Splash Of Colour To Your Plate

When it comes to food presentation, adding a splash of colour is a great way to make your dish pop. Using brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, you can create a visually appealing plate that will surely get noticed. Here are some creative suggestions to help you spice up your next meal with some colour:

  • Use colourful fruits and vegetables as accent pieces.
  • Create a fruit or vegetable mosaic.
  • Garnish your dish with edible flowers.
  • Use colourful spices and herbs to add depth of flavour and colour.
  • Get creative with plating techniques to create unique and eye-catching designs.

5. Get Creative With Your Garnishes 

When it comes to garnishes, there are countless options, so get inventive! Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • Use colourful fruits and vegetables to add a pop of colour to your dish.
  • Get creative with shapes using cookie cutters or carving tools.
  • Top your dish with an edible flower or herb for a beautiful and fragrant garnish.
  • Add a crunchy element with chopped nuts, seeds, or croutons.
  • Drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or other tasty sauces.

6. Think Outside The Kitchen 

If you want to make your food presentation stand out on Instagram, it’s time to start thinking outside the kitchen. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Get creative with your backdrops. A simple change in your background can make your photos pop. Try setting up your food in an unexpected location like a park or beach.
  • Play with perspective. Instead of always shooting your food from eye level, try getting down low for a unique angle.
  • Use props to add interest. Think about adding flowers, leaves, or even toys to your photos to make them stand out.
  • Go for symmetry. Symmetrical compositions are visually pleasing and can make your photos pop. Try arranging your food in a way that creates balance and harmony.
  • Edit like a pro. A little editing can go a long way in making your photos look amazing on Instagram. Try playing around with filters and other effects to find a look that you love.

7. Play With Texture

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your food presentation, playing with textures is a great way to do it. Adding contrasting textures can make your dishes more exciting and visually appealing. For example, if you’re serving a creamy soup, you could top it with crumbled bacon or crispy fried onions for a bit of texture contrast. Or, if you’re serving a salad, you could add some crunchy nuts or seeds. Texture can also be used to create visual interest. For example, if you’re making a sandwich, you could use different types of bread or fillings to create a layered effect. Playing with textures is a great way to take your food presentation up a notch. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! 


If you want to up your Insta-game, try some creative food presentation ideas. From using unusual props to creating intricate designs, there are plenty of ways to make your food photos stand out from the rest. So go ahead and get creative with your next food photo shoot!

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