The Best Wedding Return Gifts

The Best Wedding Return Gifts

Are you a newly married couple or your wedding’s on the horizon and you have to give your friends sweet return gifts for their presence at the wedding and the love they gave you. This list of gifts is thoughtful and keeping in mind what your friends would love.

Food Bot: This is such a great product that Wonderchef has created. It’s got a super sleek design and can help your friends store dal, poha, rice, upma and more. Your friends can even carry baby food in it. It helps keep the meal at the right temperature and stays hygienic. It can be carried to work, to the park and on long-distance trips. It’s quite affordable so buying it in bulk wouldn’t be so tricky. With stainless steel and vacuum insulation, your friends can keep food in it for longer hours safely. Get this and express your gratitude to your friends.

Fridge Bot: Help your wedding guests nourish and hydrate on the go. You can even gift this as they come for the wedding because it’ll allow you to save on plastic water bottles and make your wedding more sustainable. These bottles are designed for everyday use and can help your wedding guests stay hydrated as they drink and make merry.

Dancing Autumn Bottle: Inspired by the Fall season when leaves change into beautiful hues. Especially if you’re having a fall wedding, the design of the bottle matches directly with the theme of your wedding. You can help your friends hydrate and it can make for a beautiful addition to your return gift hamper.

Designer Bottles: This range by Wonderchef is so good because it comes in so many different, bright colors. This particular one is red, but there’s also purple and yellow. Made with stainless steel, it can keep cold water cool and hot water warm. A perfect return gift for your wedding attendees. 

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

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