Wedding Gifts for the groom

Unique Wedding Gifts for the groom

Wedding season is well underway and you, like me, must be busy looking for gifts for grooms and brides. Choosing marriage gifts for couples can be tough– it can be hard to decide what they like, what they might already have, how their choices overlap and differ. I’m here to make it a bit easier for me. Having attended at least 3-4 weddings recently, I feel like I’m well-equipped to guide you on how to make better wedding gift decisions for your male friends who’re getting married. Here’s the go-to list of gifts to keep in mind when gifting to a groom:

15 bar Regalia coffee machine: I love coffee as much as the next person and one of the best parts of my mornings is grinding the beans and making myself a nice cup of coffee to start my morning with. There’s something extremely mindful and grounding about this routine. I know a lot of my friends, especially men, also love this start to their day. You can make this happen for a close friend of yours who’s getting married by giving him the Wonderchef 15 Bar Regalia Coffee Machine. All they have to do is fit the Porta filter with ground coffee powder and they can immediately get smooth and consistent coffee without grit or particles. They will definitely think of you everytime they start their day with a cappuccino or latte or cortado or any of the infinite cups this machine can make. 

Nutri-cup: This portable blender by Wonderchef has changed my life and you can use it as a way to change your newly married friend’s life too. They can carry it with them to the gym, workplace, while going for a run, you name it. It comes with a zero spill guarantee, you can simply open it and drink. It’s recommended to not use it with dry fruits with hard exteriors like guava, pear, apples, coconut, etc. but it’s very good at blending soft fruits. Help your friends start a happy and healthy married life.

Nutri-blend Thunder: This is definitely also one of the most sensible things you could be giving your friend. It comes with 2 unbreakable jars and is perfect for making sauces, smoothies, chutneys, etc. Give it to your friend so they can whip up delicious meals with little effort for their bride.

Crimson Edge egg Boiler: One of the most convenient appliances somebody can own. Makes boiled eggs automatically in a matter of minutes. It boils them using 3 water levels, each different for soft, medium and hard-boiled. It has an automatic switch off. Help your groom friend get a headstart on breakfasts when married!

Modena Whiskey Glasses: These budget friendly whiskey glasses are such a great gift. Perfect for a friend who loves his whiskey. They come in a set of 6 and are not only perfect for whiskey but also cocktails like negronis, whiskey sours, etc. Can’t imagine a groom not loving every drop of whiskey he has from these. 

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

Wedding Gifts for the groom
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Wedding Gifts for the groom
Make the groom's wedding day extra special with our selection of thoughtful and stylish gifts.
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