The Art Of Gifting

The Art Of Gifting

Though the holiday season is charming and fun, it can be a challenging time for many reasons, and one of those is gifting. While some of us have gifting down to a tee, others can use a helping hand when deciding what to give, who to give to, and more.

This holiday season, we’re making it easier for you. From avoiding common gift-giving mistakes you might not have even known, to making gifting easier, to learning how to build incredible gift baskets and wrap presents so they look professionally done, these tips will help you master the art of gifting this year and for years to come.

Keep your recipient’s needs in mind. When gathering together for the holidays, travel is often involved and may limit what types of objects a recipient can easily take back home, notes etiquette. Take into account how your friend or family member traveled to get to the holiday festivities. If they came via plane, there will be restrictions on what they can travel back home with. It is also best to keep in mind size and weight when purchasing a gift for someone who is from out of town. A few good options for this is the Regalia French Press that can help them make rich coffee in just 3 minutes. 

It may seem baffling to those who love to give and receive gifts, but some people truly do prefer to follow a “no gift” policy when hosting. If you are invited to a holiday party where the invitation says ‘no gifts,’ it is best to respect your host’s wishes. That said, there are certainly other ways to thank a friend or family member for their generosity. You can always bring a card to thank them for hosting a fabulous event. 

It’s best to avoid giving clothing as a gift for a number of reasons. Only gift clothing if you know their size and taste. It may be awkward for them to ask for the receipt to exchange it if it’s the wrong size or style. This may result in your recipient simply giving the gift away. However, there are other ways to honor the clotheshorse in your life. If you’re not sure and you know they are a fashionista, a gift card of their favorite clothing store is a safe bet. In case you want to move away from gifting clothes, you can always give them Sicilia Life Happens Now mugs. The beautiful shape and the sophisticated design palette are perfect to sip their morning cup of coffee or tea in tranquility.

Not sticking to your budget. Don’t feel obligated to spend more on someone’s gift because of the amount they spend on yours. One way to avoid this with friends and co-workers is to have an honest conversation and establish a price point so no one feels uncomfortable when the gifts are opened. If you’re struggling to think of ideas for thoughtful yet wallet friendly presents, here are some ideas, Nutri Blend. One of the best mixer-grinder-blenders out there due to its powerful motor, unbreakable transparent jars and very good performance. Your friends can begin with 2 jars and they can keep adding jars to it and make smoothies, masalas, chutneys and chopped veggies in a matter of a few minutes.

Another such gift is the Wonderchef Royal Velvet Nonstick Cookware in purple. Comes with a kadhai, dosa pan, fry pan and a mini fry pan. Makes a beautiful addition to the kitchen cookware of your friends and has a coating of nonstick and pre seasoned oil that makes it easy to cook up a number of delicious meals in a jiffy. 

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

The Art Of Gifting
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The Art Of Gifting
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