Top 5 gifting ideas for coffee lovers

Top 5 gifting ideas for coffee lovers

As somebody who loves the hell out of a good mug of coffee and cannot imagine starting my day any other day, if somebody gifted me any of these coffee making machines, I’d be over the moon. Wonderchef’s my favourite go-to with their new releases and old collection of coffee machines. Gifts for coffee lovers have never looked more exciting. Your friends will be overjoyed to receive this and you’re sure to get tagged in their ‘close friends’ on Instagram after this. 

Here are some of my top favourites:

1. Regalia Fully Automatic Coffee Machine: Slightly on the steeper side, this machine is your ultimate go-to when it comes to making professional coffee at home. It extracts coffee at 19-bar pressure, exactly the way you’d find at an International coffee house. This bean to cup, fully automatic machine does the rest- grinding and tamping the beans, extracting fragrant shots of espresso, and adding frothed milk for a latte or cappuccino or cortado. 

2. Wonderchef Regalia Espresso Coffee Maker – 15 Bar: Similar to the one above but at a much affordable price tag. You can make espresso latte, macchiato, ristretto or cappuccino at home with this professional grade 15 bar machine. A freshly brewed up is the ultimate start to the mornings for coffee lovers. It also comes with a specially designed steam frother for perfect lattes and cappuccinos. 

3. Wonderchef Regalia Espresso Coffee Maker – 5 Bar: Fill the porta filter that comes with it with ground coffee powder and get the medium grind for this machine. You can have a smooth and consistent coffee without grit or particles in a matter of seconds. The glass carafe that comes with it collects the coffee and pours whatever quantity you like in the cup. Definitely one of the cheaper and most affordable options, with the same level of quality. Imagine how happy your friends who love coffee will be if they had this in their home. 

4. Regalia Brew Coffee Maker: this regalia brew coffee maker is the perfect gift for your friends who lead busy lives. The best part? It can brew up to 7 cups simultaneously. 

5. Regalia Coffee Grinder: Coffee grinding is definitely one of the more meditative experiences of making coffee and allows me to enjoy my coffee more mindfully. The aroma and taste is enhanced by this automatic coffee grinder that allows you to get the desired consistency and grams to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

Top 5 gifting ideas for coffee lovers
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Top 5 gifting ideas for coffee lovers
Explore the ultimate gift guide for coffee enthusiasts with our top 5 recommendations.
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