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Smart kitchen technology ideas for a Modern cooking space

There is no better way to eliminate the time and energy consumed while cooking. Smart kitchen appliances help you complete tedious kitchen tasks quickly and conveniently. Not long ago, every task had to be done manually, but now the internet of things has changed everything. You can get piping hot food at the touch of a button, brew a fresh coffee within seconds, and make chapati within a few minutes automatically. 

What Is Smart Kitchen? 

A smart kitchen is usually referred to as something connected via IoT technology, Bluetooth, Wifi. The purpose of a smart kitchen is to install the appliances that make your life easy. When it comes to the kitchen, innovative products can make things more efficient, more precise, and safer. But we don’t think all smart kitchen gadgets need to rely on high-tech communication to upgrade your kitchen. Below we have recommended the products that can make your regular kitchen into a smart kitchen while making your life simple and convenient. 

Modern Kitchen Gadgets

Using modern kitchen gadgets is the simplest method to improve your cooking skills. Life has been simpler thanks to smart devices like breadmakers, air fryers, and coffee makers, etc.

  • Coffee Maker: Regalia Espresso Coffee Maker is the best option for all coffee enthusiasts if you enjoy coffee and crave coffeehouse-style coffee; it can brew you coffee within a few minutes. 
  • Oven: If you are someone who enjoys baking, grilling, etc. Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller OTG 48L Steel is perfect for you; that can bake a delicious cake, loaded pizzas, roast chicken, grill vegetables, and make a variety of dishes conveniently. 
  • Air Fryers: Air fryers have become pretty popular recently. If you are craving some fried food but counting calories, then Airfryer will solve your problem. An air fryer will help you cook clean with less oil. You can cook fried food quickly in less time. 
  • Roti Maker: Sometimes, making roti can be very tedious, but with Wonderchef roti magic you can make roti in a few simple steps. You can make Rotis without kneading the dough and rolling it manually. With just one button click, everything can be done. The automatic roti maker is one of the significant investments if you want to turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen.
  • Bread Maker: With Regalia Bread Maker, you can automatically knead, ferment, and bake the bread without hassle. You can eliminate the hassle of kneading the dough, simplifying the process. The unique pre programmed functions will help you bake different loaves of bread with ease.
  • Automatic Pressure Cooker: Wonderchef Nutri pot makes your daily cooking convenient. Nutripot can be your ideal cooking partner whether you are an experienced cook or a beginner. Put the ingredients, select the specific functions, out the timer, and rest everything will be done automatically. 
  • Induction Cooktops: Induction cooktops can save a lot of time compared to gas cooktops. The various temperature adjustment systems make the induction perfect device for domestic cooking. Unlike a gas cooktop, it is portable and can be carried easily. 
  • Smart Chimneys: IoT-enabled smart chimneys provide a smoke-free and healthy cooking experience with auto on/off, a smart cleaning system, and other smart features to make your life easy. You can control your chimney with a mobile application. 

Other Smart Kitchen Appliances

Here are some of the kitchen appliances that can turn your cooking space into a smart kitchen. 

  • Smart Fridge: Regular refrigerators are designed to keep your food fresh, but with smart refrigerators, you can plan your meals and manage your schedules. The fridge has screens where you can stream your music and videos. It is also possible to install other apps that will enable you to view recipes. Some fridges also have built-in sensors that will open when you are in front of it. 
  • Smart Speaker Or Screen: Smart kitchen appliances offer support for virtual assistants, which can be very convenient during meal prep. With smart screens or speakers, you can get recipes at your voice command; this will reduce the hassle of referring to cookbooks.
  • Smart Faucet: It is equipped with proximity sensors and a mechanism that opens the valve to allow water to flow in response to the presence of the user’s hand in the closed proximity. After a brief period, the faucet closes its valve again when it no longer detects the user’s hand.
  • Smart Scale: Working on a recipe that calls for a perfect proportion? Use a smart scale that measures the ingredients perfectly and includes recipes and ingredient tips on the app. The app also explains which ingredients you can exclude and how to adjust portion amounts as necessary.
  • Hidden Plug Outlets: Electrical switch points distract from the sleek, stylish look of a modern kitchen. Plug outlets that rise from the countertop when needed can reduce clutter and ensure that outlets are available when you need them. 
  • Dishwasher: Washing dishes is one of the most tedious tasks. A dishwasher is one of the essential kitchen appliances that make your life convenient and saves a lot of energy and time. It comes in different varieties and has various features. A dishwasher is an ideal product for washing dishes. Smart dishwashers reduce water and energy consumption to a great extent and offer smart dishwashing. 

Smart Kitchen Technology For Your Modular Kitchen

While there are numerous kitchen technologies available, we have given a few of them to make your cooking experience convenient. 

  • Auto Of Gas System: One of the most convenient and essential smart kitchen appliances you should invest in is the auto-off gas system. While comfort is one of the significant benefits of the appliance, it is also helpful from a safety point of view. You must opt for this smart device if you have children at home. 
  •  Auto Off Light System: You must be feeling the adverse effects of global warming with the rising temperature every summer. It is important we do our bit to protect the environment. Keeping lights, fans, and other electrical on may not seem like a big deal, but they can have a massive impact on the environment. One of our favourite smart kitchen tools, auto-off lights, will save you money on electricity while preserving the environment. 
  • Warning System In Case of Appliance Malfunction: Many people love the idea of a smart kitchen because they not only make your life easy but also promise safety. Sometimes kitchen accidents can be dangerous. Many modern smart kitchen appliances have alarm systems that will alert you if something goes wrong. For example, if your cooktop is malfunctioning, you will get a notification beforehand, thereby preventing fatal accidents.
  • Voice Control Or App Control: Ever left for vacation and wondered if you switched off the gas or if you need to preheat your oven and have it ready to use when you arrive home? Most kitchen appliances come with voice and phone control that can help you remotely switch them on and off. This might save you time and assist you in taking safety precautions.

The modern equipment you add to your kitchen will change how you prepare meals for your family. Visit Wonderchef to learn more about smart kitchen technology you can use at home for smarter cooking. 

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