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Smart kitchen technology ideas for a Modern cooking space

With technology entering every sphere of life, it’s no surprise that it has entered the kitchen too. While there are a number of ways you can transform your kitchen with smart kitchen technology and modern cookery, a lot of the ideas out there are high end and extravagant. We’re here with some great ideas on how you can make yours a modern kitchen without breaking the bank.

Modern kitchen gadgets
The simplest way to up your kitchen game is with modern kitchen gadgets. Coffee makers, air fryers, bread makers and other kitchen appliances of the like make life a lot easier. 

For example, air fryers have become pretty popular. They are touted for the health benefits they offer, but there’s more than what meets the eye. Air fryers use smart kitchen technology to offer cleaner and quicker cooking – at a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the oil, air fryers have turned deep-frying into a thing of the past. 

If you’re a coffee person, investing in a coffee maker is a smart step towards modern cooking. There are some really amazing coffee makers in the market that can help you brew that perfect cup of joe. You no longer have to beat coffee and sugar in a state of semi-consciousness, or stand in a long line to order from your local barista every morning. With a coffee maker, you have access to rich, aromatic coffee customised to your liking right at home, whenever you want it. Coffee makers take care of the level of foam, creaminess and flavour, making the process effortless.

Major appliances
Even major appliances have become smarter. It is the mess that makes cooking complicated and smart kitchen technology removes this hassle as much as it can. Everything from kitchen hoods to fridges has new features to enable modern cooking. Here is a list: 

Cooktop Stoves 
Cooktop stoves are now available with high-efficiency burners that allow for uniform heating and faster cooking. They are available in a range of sizes, and the compact stoves are game-changers as they make cooking less messy. Some are even designed to make cleaning drips and spills easier. A lot of cooktop stoves are also fuel-efficient now, making them eco-friendly and cost-efficient in the long run too.

Kitchen hoods
Kitchen hoods and vents also make for great cooking technology to make cleanliness more accessible as well as easier. Cooking food involves smells, spices and oils in the air, as well as smoke. Kitchen chimneys suck these fumes out of the air and trap them in filters to ensure that no smells or smoke bother you as you cook. They also prevent your walls, shelves and windows from becoming greasy over time. 

Smart fridge
Smart fridges are all the rage in smart kitchen technology with interactive features and WiFi connectivity. Most have screens, and some even have cameras which help you look inside when you’re on your grocery run to know which items need to be restocked. Tracking for expiration dates is also available so that you know which items are close to expiring to bring to the front of your shelves. As you cook, you can listen to music or podcasts on a smart fridge, or even have recipes read out to you. The screens let you catch up on your favourite new show without the fear of spills on your handheld device.

Other kitchen appliances
Other appliances that use interactive screens to make cooking easier are microwaves, blenders, ovens and kitchen scales. These either have screens on the appliance itself or are Bluetooth enabled with apps to enhance functionality. Even toasters have been given complete makeovers to use screens so that you can adjust the heat setting to your preference. Some even have settings that detect what kind of food item you are toasting, be it your standard slice of bread, or a bagel, waffle or English muffin, to heat each item evenly and the right amount.

Blenders are no longer your run-of-the-mill mixers to toss veggies in to puree. With a range of different powered attachments, blenders perform multiple functions at different speeds like slicing, chopping, liquifying, and more, making blenders a modern kitchen gadget worth purchasing. The best ones are voice-enabled and hooked up to your smartphone, which helps to connect to other smart appliances you may have. 

Upgrading your kitchen with these modern appliances will change the way you cook for your family, and the way you entertain friends a whole different experience. Visit Wonderchef to explore smart technology you can integrate into your own kitchen for smarter cooking.

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