Hacks And Recipies for a quick get-together at home

Hosting a party at home can sometimes be overwhelming. You will have to take care of food, entertainment, etc. If you are hosting a big group of people. Chances are you might be confused about what to cook and how to prep. Below we have given some hacks to host a perfect get-together. 

  • Keep The Food and Drinks Simple – when having guests over, keep the foods and drinks uncomplicated. Avoid last-minute experiments and cook dishes that you are familiar with. Select the food that doesn’t need a lot of pre-prep and is something you can cook in advance and reheat at the time of serving. 
  •  Set Up The Night Before – Do as much as you can the night before the party is a huge time saver on the day of the party. Things like setting the table, prepping the food items, and other such tasks can all be completed the night before so that there is no tension on the day of the party and you can relax. 
  • Make Pitchers Of Drinks – If you are serving cocktails or mocktails, you should make them in large quantities and serve them in pitchers. Put ice in a separate bucket so that drinks don’t get diluted. 
  • Serve Buffet – When it comes to serving food at a party, a sit-down dinner can be a ton of work. Rather it is advised to set up a buffet. This will cut your workload, and it would be a more interactive way.  

Below are some interesting and quick food ideas that you can serve at a party. 

1. Beetroot, garlic and mushroom canape recipe

Step 1: Take 150 grams of chopped beetroot with 125 grams of ricotta and 3 tablespoons of creme fraiche, and put these ingredients in a food processor for your canape recipe.

Step 2: Once the mix is a little coarse, transfer it to a bowl and mix in some roughly chopped dill. Put the bowl in the fridge to let it chill for a few minutes.

Step 3: Add some butter to a large frying pan and let it melt over a low flame. Add some chopped mushrooms and finely chopped garlic, and fry until deep brown.

Step 4: Spread whole-wheat olive oil crackers on a large serving platter. Remove the bowl with the mix from the fridge and put small spoonfuls of the beetroot mixture on each cracker. Place a few garlic-fried mushrooms on top of the beetroot mix and serve.

2. Fruit and cheese platter

Step 1: Choose three types of cheeses for your platter. Try to use different shapes and textures to offer your guests variety. Since the surface of the cheese often gives it its shape, you can aim to identify your cheese based on this. The best pairings are soft and sweet brie cheeses, or burrata, with a hard cheddar or gouda, and a crumbly blue, gorgonzola or feta cheese.

Step 2: To amp up this party food idea, pair your cheeses with fruits that are known to go well with them, like olives, pears, grapes, apricots, figs, pomegranates, blood oranges, and berries like blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. 

Step 3: Choose a nice dip or chop some nuts to add to your platter. Meats, bread, crackers, and even dark chocolate also pair excellently with cheeses.

3. Blue cheese and shallot pizza recipe

This pizza is minimalistic and works as an easy party snack recipe to prepare, which can double up an appetizer or a complete meal.

Step 1: Take a frying pan and heat a tablespoon of oil and 25 grams of butter in it. Add 8 finely sliced baby shallots and cook them until they turn a slight golden brown. Set these aside. Add a few small sliced leeks to the pan and cook them until they are soft. Stir in some garlic cloves for flavour, and cook for no more than a couple of minutes. Set your pan aside to cool down.

Step 2: Place a few readymade pizza bases on a tray and brush them with oil to prep. Sprinkle half a tablespoon of semolina below each pizza base. Then, spread on some pizza sauce, and place your toppings of leeks, shallots and garlic on each base. Sprinkle blue cheese and a handful of chopped walnuts over the topping. Let these bake in your oven until you see the base become golden and crisp. 

4. Strawberry cheesecake shots recipe

Step 1: Crumble some biscuits, preferably digestive biscuits for the best flavour, into a bowl. Crumble about 75 grams of biscuits or more according to how long your guest list is. Pat a spoonful and a half of this crumble into as many glasses as you’ll be serving. 

Step 2: In a large bowl, mix a can of condensed milk with the juice of one lemon and a little zest. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and stir the mix together until it’s thick and heavy.

Step 3: Whisk about 150 grams of light cream cheese with 150 grams of greek yoghurt in another bowl until the mix is smooth. Fold this mix into the thick condensed milk mix. Ensure you don’t beat the mixture too much.

Step 4: Take spoonfuls of this mix and top the biscuit base with it, leaving room for some fruit. Put these in the fridge to chill, and chop 300 grams of strawberries. Mix them with strawberry jam and add this as a top layer and final touch to your cheesecake. 

5. Fruit punch recipe

Step 1: In a large bowl, combine 2 cups each of pineapple juice and orange juice, 1 cup each of grapefruit juice and water, and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Add some diced or sliced fruits to this fruit punch recipe like apples, oranges, pineapples, grapes, strawberries and lemon wedges. Stir well.

Step 2: Place the bowl in the fridge for about 45 minutes to allow it to chill.

Step 3: Pour into a pitcher or in glasses and serve. 

With these party snack ideas, you can be assured that you’ll always have some safe recipes to save the day. Browse through Wonderchef’s range of appliances and kitchenware for all your party prep needs.

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