Setting Up The Table For A Perfect Party

How to set an informal table for friends & family!

It’s not as tough as it first appears to set the table when you are hosting any event. Proper table settings make a tremendous impression on your guests. Whether it is a casual dinner or a formal one, a perfect table setting can make a huge difference. A casual table setting is required when you have organized a small get-together. Lay the necessary elements like glassware, tableware, and flatware that you will be using. 

How To Set Table For Casual Meal

The first and basic rule for any kind of table setting is: Serveware should be arranged from the outside in according to use. Below are some other rules to set up the table for casual meals.

  • Start by laying out a table mat.
  • Set the dinner plate in the centre of the table setting. Place the salad plate on top of the dinner dish if you are serving salad.
  • To the left of the plate, place the fork. Towards the Left of the dinner fork, place the salad fork.
  • A dinner plate should first have the knife to the right of it, followed by the spoon.
  • Place the water glass above the knife in the upper right corner.
  • Next to the water glass, place the wine glass.
  • You can put the napkin next to the fork or on top of the plates.

How To Set Table For Formal Events

  • Lay out a clean tablecloth first. After that, centre the dinner plate on the table arrangement. (Place a charger plate below the dinner plate for a more traditional table layout.)
  • Add the salad plate to the top of the dinner plate. 
  • The dinner and salad plates should be positioned above and to the left of the bread plate. On the bread plate, the butter knife can be positioned horizontally.  
  • The salad fork should be used to the left of the dinner fork and the dinner fork should be placed next to the dinner plate.
  • A meal plate should first have the knife placed on it, followed by the spoon.
  • Place the dessert spoon horizontally over the dinner plate.
  • Wine and water glasses should be placed in the upper right corner. The closest to the guest should be the water glass.
  • Fold the napkin and place it on top of the salad plate.
  • Over the dessert spoon, set a place card. Ite the guest’s name on both sides so they can find their seat easily. 
  • You can place the coffee cup and saucer next to the glasses for the dessert course.

Guest Table Setting For Buffet Service

Since there are so many different ways to put up the buffet table here we have given basic rules to set up a table for buffet service.

  • Place the napkin and silverware on the guest’s table if there is room for them. The table looks lovely and welcoming thanks to the attractively folded napkin and shining flatware. The informal table setting is most frequently used at buffet tables. 
  • Try to set the guests’ tables to hold everything your guests need, except for their dinner plates. This makes the table look attractive, and also it makes it much more functional. 
  • It is a good idea to set up a condiment table away from the main buffet as this will shorten the wait time for guests at the main buffet. 

General Table Setting Checklist

  • The elbow room should be a minimum of 15 inches between place settings or approximately 24 inches from the centre of one place setting to the middle of the next. 
  • The water glass should be placed approximately one inch from the tip of the dinner knife. 
  • Except when serving fish, which requires an additional fork, no more than three utensils should be placed on either side of the dinner plate at once.
  • Everything should be well spaced with every item at equal distances, and all the serveware should be balanced.
  • Make sure there is sufficient room between each place setting.
  • Before your guests are seated, basic condiments should be served, Glasses should be filled with water, and wine should be ready to be served.
  • Place knives with blades facing the plate. 

There are some long-standing rules regarding table setting etiquette, especially for formal dinner settings. Once you have understood the traditional table setting, you can add your personal touches. To add a personal touch, explore a wide range of dinnerware from Wonderchef

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

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