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Quick and easy kids tiffin ideas for your fussy eater

Imagine this – you cook for hours with love and care and pack a box of lunch recipes for your kid. But your child returns back from school with a sulking face and a half-full tiffin box. Doesn’t it sound frustrating? Welcome to the club! Your baby is showing signs of being a fussy eater. Running behind your baby with khichdi and bribing with extra chocolates are typical signs of being parents of a picky eater. You stuff your baby with food after hours of running behind them, when at home. But, what happens if you have to pack food to school? The real challenge starts here. It’s time to awaken the chef in you. With a pinch of creativity and a teaspoon of culinary mastery, you are all set to deal with the biggest parenting challenge.

Here are some quick lunch ideas to attract your kid.

Rice to the rescue

Rice is a magical ingredient with which you can prepare a wide variety of appetizing lunch dishes. Rich in carbohydrates, it is that one dish that fills your baby’s stomach instantly. 

A box full of power-packed vegetables mixed with flavourful rice is all you need to make tasty pulav that will leave them licking their fingers. The rich ghee makes it one of the most nutritious instant lunch ideas for kids. It can now be prepared quickly with the help of instant cookers. Vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower and carrots, which are universally loved by all children, go well with any of the rice recipes. Pack food that is good!

Paneer in Paratha

The two P’s that define the taste of traditional Indian food  are Paratha and Paneer. With ghee brushed on the sides of paratha and paneer sauted with the flavoursome spices of the land, this is easily one of the best lunch ideas for kids. Roll it up in an easy-to-eat wrap and compel your child to finish this delicious meal every single time! You can make a delectable green chutney for a dip or just keep things simple with plain and fresh yogurt as an accompaniment. Pick your proteins right!

Sandwich diaries

What is sandwiched between quick preparation and easy-to-eat meals? Your child’s yummy lunch! The first thing that strikes your mind is a tasty bite from every piece of a sandwich. All you need is well mixed vegetables with a cheesy dip. If you are rushing for work and yet want to serve your kid with a healthy lunch, sandwiches come to your rescue. Use a sandwich maker and your tasty sandwich is ready by the time you pack your bags for work. You can either opt for fresh veggies, protein-rich cheese or heart-filling toppings go make the perfect sandwich that puts a smile of your child’s face. Lunch for the day is sorted!

No to Noodles?

It is known that kids and noodles are inseparable and there is almost a guarantee that your child will not say no to noodles for lunch. Why not make it at home? Choose from traditional Indian masalas or popular Italian sauces. You can also think out-of-the-box and cook up a storm with Thai dressing. The best part of noodles is that you can opt for whole-wheat noodles that are organic and good for your child. You can also pack the lunch box with nutrients in the form of vegetables that are good for your little one. Let the friendship between your child and yummy noodles blossom!

Fluffy idli

It is true to say that there is nothing comforting and nourishing than idlis! Instead of big idlis, use idli holders that is used to create mini idlis that intrigue little ones. Add a generous serving of sambar and chutney with the idlies to reach your child’s nutrient requirement on a daily basis. You can also add some crispy vadas to the box to pack in different textures and tastes in one box.

Additionally, you can also invest in fancy lunch boxes to attract your kids. There are many other delicious dishes that can be prepared for your kids for a healthy and tasty lunchtime. You can visit Wonderchef for quality kitchen products that make cooking fun and convenient.

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