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Top gifting ideas for housewarming ceremonies

Best Housewarming Gifts

Gifting these days goes beyond conventional ideas. It is no longer looked at as a typical social tradition any more. The whole intention behind gifting today focuses more on the convenience of the receiver and how they would remember it for the longest time. Housewarming ceremonies mandate a new beginning, with everything new surrounding the house and its homebuyers. Kitchenware and other kitchen-related items make for perfect gifts because no matter how beautiful the whole house is, everybody eventually winds up at the kitchen and look for easy ways to fix a meal. Here are some practical gifting ideas you can invest in for the next housewarming ceremony you are invited to:

Cutlery Set:

In the chaotic mix of shifting and packaging everything, cutleries almost always go missing. They could be boxed in some obscure package and accidentally kept in the loft or just left somewhere else. Cutleries are one of the few essential tools for your meal, but in a new house, a new cutlery set is in order. With this thought in mind, gift your friend, acquaintance or relative fancy cutlery they could start using in their new house. Purchase an elegant set with the addition of ladles and spoons to complete the set.

Juice Maker/Juicers:

Juice makers or Juicers are a terrific gift to give, especially for health-conscious people. It makes for a substantial gift to those who are looking to start a new diet or even pursue healthy diets periodically. Juice makers can provide years of use and proper nutrition, too, and motivate them to drink fresh juices every day, make delicious shakes, and puree ingredients for soups. 

Table Mats:

It goes without saying that a new home would want a whole new look and feel to celebrate fresh beginnings. Table mats are an excellent gift for new homes, especially when they have a tasteful design and blend well with the overall decor of the dinner table. Get one that the host would love to use for brunches and dinner parties. 

Knife Set:

Gone are the days when gifting knives was associated with bad luck. On the contrary, knives are considered to be quite a useful gift. Much like cutlery, a knife set is something that could get lost in the shift between houses. Knife sets last for a long time and make the entire process of cooking and preparing a meal much easier. Ensure the knife set includes a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a serrated knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. 

Cook and Serve Sets:

Preparing a meal can be an arduous task if you don’t have all the materials and right vessels with you. However, since we lead busy lives now, time is of the essence even when it comes to our meals. Cook and serve sets are convenient to use, easy to handle and make your dinner table look presentable and enticing. Cook and serve sets are a perfect gift for housewarming ceremonies as they give off a warm, hospitable feeling of a good meal waiting for us just a few steps away. 

Coffee Maker:

When it comes to coffee, you either love it or you don’t; there’s no middle ground here. Coffee makers are a thoughtful gift for coffee lovers. Coffee makers come in so many varieties that they make for a good addition to your brunch gatherings and evening dos. Housewarming ceremonies could begin with a steaming cup of coffee – a perfect gift for the host who loves to throw social events. 

Air Fryer:

People are becoming more health-conscious these days, considering how easy it is to access and make healthy alternatives to otherwise unhealthy food. In the past, one would dream of having food that tastes and looks good, made with little oil. With air fryers, it’s all a reality now. People keep air fryers in their house, full of pride, preparing their favourite food without using any oil or fat. The taste is retained and the flavours more enhanced, plus you are not riddled with guilt at the end. For a housewarming gift, air fryers are not too expensive, are energy efficient and benefit the receiver in more ways than one, motivating them to embrace a new beginning with a healthy lifestyle. 

Essential herbs:

A bouquet of flowers is so passé. With a little more effort and keeping the environment and organic living in mind, a bouquet of essential herbs for the kitchen makes for a lovely housewarming gift. You could include a sapling of basil leaves, some fresh oregano, a bit of thyme, and bay leaves. They are easy to take care, require water periodically, can get sunshine from the kitchen windows, and are super fresh and healthy to include it in your food. As a housewarming gift, you can beautify it with a ribbon, a tiny label for each of the herb saplings, and include a miniature water can to keep them hydrated and healthy. 
Moving to a new house can be exciting, with new memories made. The whole moving process can be quite difficult, so try to help your friend out by gifting them something they would absolutely need in their new house. With kitchenware being the crowd favourite, purchase those that fulfil their purpose and look good doing it. Head out to Wonderchef and pick the ideal housewarming gift for your loved one!

Top gifting ideas for housewarming ceremonies
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Top gifting ideas for housewarming ceremonies
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