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Bread Dhokla recipe

Easy to master, and simply delicious, Bread Dhoklas are the perfect snack for everyone to enjoy. A modern and simplified take on Gujarati Dhoklas, the Bread Dhokla is a fluffy and tasty snack to feast on with tea. Traditionally, Dhoklas use a fermented batter, but bread can also be conveniently used. Take a look below to treat your family to the Bread Dhokla!

Ingredients List:

The Bread Dhokla is portioned for 1-2 people. Increase the portions proportionately for more people. The ingredients used are as follows:

• 4 slices of bread

• 1 cup lemon juice

• 1 cup mustard seeds (rai)

• 1 cup curry leaves (kadhi patta)

• 1/2 cup turmeric powder (haldi)

• 1 tablespoon oil

• 1 bowl of chopped tomatoes

• 1 bowl of chopped cucumber

• 1 bowl of liquid curd

• 1 bowl of thick curd

• 1 bowl sev

• 1 bowl bhujia

• 1 bowl of ready-made mixture

• 1 bowl of pomegranate

• 1 bowl of cut onions

Wonderchef Products Used: 

Wonderchef String Fruits and Vegetables Jumbo Chopper

Wonderchef Royal Velvet Frying Pan

Wonderchef Silicone Spatula

Recipe, Step-by-Step:

• Step 1: Use the Wonderchef String Jumbo Chopper to finely chop the bowl of onions. Make sure that the onions are very finely chopped.

• Step 2: Next, use a knife to cut the bread into quarters. Make sure that all the pieces are even. Arrange the pieces in a separate dish, with two pieces of bread on top, making rows of stacked bread.

• Step 3: Add salt and black pepper to the thick curd. Mix them accordingly and evenly. 

• Step 4: Layer the curd to the center of each mini-sandwich. Spread it generously, and spread it evenly. Spread the curd on top too generously.

• Step 5: Bring out  Wonderchef Royal Velvet Frying Pan onto the stove, and add some oil once the stove is lit. Place only one tablespoon of oil, we don’t want an excessive amount of oil in the pan.

• Step 6: Add the cup of mustard seeds/rai once the pan heats up a bit. Add custard leaves/kadi patta right after. After letting the pan heat up some more add the turmeric (haldi).

• Step 7: Switch off the gas after adding the turmeric (haldi). Add some salt into the pan right after.

• Step 8: Use a spoon to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure the gas is switched off for the next step.

• Step 9: Add light curd to the tadka slowly. Do this step slowly, add the light curd bit by bit, and mix as you do so. You do not want the curd to react too much.

• Step 10: Once the tadka is settled, spread it generously over the bread. Add it on top and in between the mini sandwiches. Let it settle for one or two minutes.

• Step 11: Add salt and pepper to all the chopped vegetables evenly. After mixing the salt and pepper, add lemon juice to the vegetables. Mix them accordingly.

• Step 12: Layer the vegetables onto the bread. Add them as needed, and spread them all evenly.

• Step 13: Now add the ready-made mix, bhujia, and sev as needed onto the dish. First add the ready-made mix, then the bhujia, and finally add the sev on top of all the rest.

• Step 14: Garnish the dish by sprinkling some pomegranate onto it.

And voila, the dish is made, as simple to make as it was to read the recipe! Do make sure to serve and eat it quickly, as you do not want the fluffy dhoklas to  turn soggy by the time it is served.

Watch the recipe video made by Mrs. Shilpi Jain.

Choco Apple Banana Smoothie Recipe:

Cool, nutritious, and refreshing! Smoothies are always a heat-beater and this one is no exception. With the Choco Apple Banana Smoothie, you can have the taste of a café made smoothie, while also being a very healthy drink to have.

The Choco Apple Banana Smoothie is packed full with healthy ingredients, but thanks to its thick, frosty texture and sweet taste it is a drink for all ages. The smoothie is also a drink that can be made for large groups due to how easy it is to make it.

Dive in below to treat yourself to the delightful drink that is a Choco Apple Banana Smoothie!

Ingredients List:

  • One apple, peeled and chopped
  • Two medium-sized bananas
  • Three seed-less dates (khajur)
  • 1/4th teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • ½ a cup chilled milk
  • Ice cubes as needed

Wonderchef Products Used:

A powerful large blender like Wonderchef Nutri-blend Thunder is recommended to use for the making of the smoothie.  Do not use a strainer for the smoothie, as it does not make much of a difference to the smoothie itself.

Recipe Step by Step:

·         Step 1: Place all the ingredients in the Nutri-blend, step-by-step. If you want the best taste, chill the apple and bananas in the fridge beforehand.

·         Step 2: Blend all the ingredients in the Nutri-blend for two minutes. Make sure that the Nutri-blend is correctly set up. Nobody wants any spillage before you can have your drink!

·         Step 3: Transfer the smoothie onto a cup.

·         Step 4: Pour the drink over crushed ice or ice cubes. The smoothie can always be accompanied by light snacks.

The video above will show the Choco Apple Banana Smoothie made clearly and concisely by the talented Mrs. Kusum Sharma!

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