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Dining with the Finest Dinnerware

Dining with the Finest Dinnerware

For me, owning the right dinnerware can often make the biggest difference. I’ve recently been using the newly launched Wonderchef Venice Melamine Homeware Range which comes in two designs: gorgeous turquoise blue tile design and delicate red flower patterns.

The red flower design range draws inspiration from the beautiful 17th century European era, the Jacobean floral design features winding branches, exotic flowers and leaves in rich colour palettes. The range is built with the finest quality melamine and gives a luxurious feel. The beautiful tile pattern in blue and white palette makes this collection a must- have for your dinner table. The blue and white tile inspired Venice Melamine
Dinnerware collection is reminiscent of old world pottery from the medieval cities of Europe. Beautiful tile patterns decorate these textured melamine pieces in gorgeous blues. The collection combines an eye-catching charming look with vintage colors represented in modern shapes.

This collection is suitable for everyday use and for special occasions too. Wonderchef Venice range features high grade melamine which is 100% food grade and non-toxic. This lightweight, durable range is heat resistant up to 140°C and remains cool to touch while serving hot food. They’re hand wash and dishwasher safe although, using non-abrasive scouring pads with mild cleanser is recommended. The material has a luxurious
touch and feel so it’s also perfect for any special occasion like at-home dates, visits from friends or family and more.

In the Venice collection, you can also individually find the Venice soup bowls (set of 6), dinner plates (Set of 6), quarter plates (Set of 6), veg bowl (Set of 6), casserole (2), Venice rectangular tray (in set of 3 and 2). The same items are found both in Red Floral & Blue Tile design. You can pick and choose depending on your tastes. The dinner plates can be used to serve any main course, both Indian & Continental, the quarter plates for bread/rotis/side dishes like salad/papad, etc. The veg bowls can be used to serve vegetable/dal/meat curries. The casseroles can be used to serve any hot dish or to keep

rotis/rice warm and fluffy. The rectangular tray can be used to serve chai/coffee/snacks like namkeen etc. or even bring the food out in style! Great food needs to be served in the perfect dinnerware to taste even better! In Venice, the dining set of 31 pieces, are made with food grade melamine and will enhance your dining experience. Once again, the dinner set is available in Delicate Red Floral & Gorgeous Blue Tile designs. With a mix of dinner and quarter plates, veg and soup bowls, casseroles, serving spoons and serving trays, these make the perfect gifting set to impress your guests beyond measure. It’s the ideal gifting option for weddings, occasions like Diwali, Eid & Christmas. This set of 31 pieces can also be used to complete the perfect dinner look as well. The quarter plate can double up as a dessert plate and the veg bowls can be used to serve Indian dishes like kheer and rasmalai.

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