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Your go-to guide for choosing the mixer-grinder that’s right for you

Your go-to guide for choosing the mixer-grinder that’s right for you

We’ve grown up watching our mother make delicious tomato, coriander or coconut chutney in mixer-grinders. It’s a basic appliance but one that comes with multi-faceted uses that we simply can’t do without! Choosing the right mixer-grinder can be tricky but it is also often the difference between average home-cooking and an elevated cooking and dining experience. 

There are a few things to bear in mind while selecting the best mixer-grinder for your needs. Read on to know more.

  • Wattage

Determining the wattage of a mixer-grinder goes a long way in determining its many uses. Higher wattage is perfect for grinding tougher ingredients at a faster speed. A mixer-grinder ranging between 500W-750W is good enough for most Indian dishes. Checking that the motor has 100% copper winding for better strength helps too. Sumo Mixer-Grinder 600 Watts by Wonderchef is a perfect fit, from this perspective. 

  • Blades

Making sure that the material of the blades is stainless steel and preferably rust-free that’ll allow it to retain its sharpness will help immensely in the quality of the grind or mix.

  • Speed

Speed is a deciding factor as it tells you how fast the blade can rotate per minute. For a domestic mixer-grinder, anything from 18000 to 23000 RPM is good enough. For a juicer, anything from 18000 to 23000 RPM ensures it works efficiently. It’s important to note that at a higher RPM, liquids or spices may not be blended or grinded effectively. A good mixer-grinder will have speed control knobs that allows you to change it to whatever setting that suits your need! The incher in the setting allows you to pulse delicate ingredients that may lose their flavour on regular speed. 

  • Capacity & number of jars 

More jars, more uses, more fun! It’s ideal if a mixer-grinder has jars with varying capacities to suit all your culinary requirements. You can use one for grinding spices, one for chutneys and one for juicing. A durable body and a break-resistant lid is essential to stand daily wear and tear in the kitchen. An ergonomically designed handle can make for a good grip to avoid any messy accidents in the kitchen!

  • Warranty

Ensuring 2-5 years of warranty on the model is essential to the protection of the mixer-grinder. Sometimes, an additional warranty on the motor goes a long way too. The Platinum Mixer-Grinder 550W by Wonderchef with 3 stainless steel jars, rust-free blades and ergonomic handles now comes with a 5 year warranty! 

  • Maintenance

If you’re a minimalist cook who doesn’t like to clean up after themselves too much (I know I’ve been guilty of this), go for a mixer-grinder that’s multi-purpose with no more than 2 jars. 

  • Overload Protection

Sometimes we tend to fill our mixer jars while grinding or run the mixer for a long time at a stretch. The overload pressure can burn the mixer’s motor. To avoid such a scenario, some mixer-grinder brands feature an overload protection function that acts as a circuit breaker in case of overload and further, prevents the appliance from breaking down. 

  • Price

The price of the mixer-grinder will depend on the features it offers and its overall quality. There are products in the market that come quite cheap but may come without warranty or not offer the best features. 

Identifying your needs – whether it’s a traditional mixer-grinder or a stand mixer, which comes with more advanced functions like kneading and whipping, can help you in the kitchen more than you imagine. Traditional ones are better for everyday cooking.

I hope this guide has brought you one step closer in your journey to finding the right mixer-grinder for you and whipping up some delicious meals for you and your loved ones. 

Author : Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

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