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Your go-to guide for choosing the mixer-grinder that’s right for you

buying guide for Best mixer grinder

We grew up watching our mothers use mixer-grinders to prepare delectable tomato, coriander, or coconut chutney. It’s an essential appliance that comes with multi-faceted uses that we can’t do without. Selecting the ideal mixer-grinder might be challenging, but it frequently makes the difference between mediocre home cooking and a special dining experience.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Mixer Ginder 

While choosing the ideal mixer-grinder for your requirements, there are a few considerations to consider. To learn more, keep reading.

  • Wattage: A mixer grinder’s numerous uses can be significantly determined by understanding its wattage. Harder ingredients can be ground more quickly with more power. For most Indian recipes, a mixer-grinder between 500W and 750W would do. For increased strength, it is essential to check that the motor has 100% copper winding. From this perspective, the Wonderchef Sumo Mixer-Grinder 600 Watts is a perfect match. 
  • Blades: Make sure the blades are made of stainless steel, preferably one that is rust-free, as this will allow them to maintain their sharpness and significantly improve the quality of the grind or mix.
  • Speed: Speed is crucial since it indicates how quickly the blade can rotate per minute. Anywhere between 18000 and 23000 RPM is effective for a home mixer-grinder and juicer. It’s vital to remember that liquids or spices can not blend or ground appropriately at a higher RPM. A mixer grinder must have a sped control knob that allows you to change the speed setting as per your requirements. The incher setting enables you to pulse flavor-sensitive ingredients at a regular speed without risking flavor loss.
  • Capacity & Number Of Jars: A mixer-grinder that has jars with different capacities to meet all of your culinary needs is great. You can use it to make juices, grind spices, etc. In order to withstand regular wear and tear in the kitchen, a sturdy body and a break-resistant lid are essential. An ergonomically constructed handle may provide a secure grip to prevent nasty culinary mishaps.
  • Warranty: To ensure the mixer-grinder is protected, the product must come with a 2–5 year warranty. Sometimes a motor’s additional warranty can be quite helpful. With three stainless steel jars, rust-free blades, and ergonomic handles, the Platinum Mixer-Grinder 550W by Wonderchef now has a 5-year warranty!
  • Maintenance: Choose a multipurpose mixer-grinder with no more than two jars if you’re a minimalist cook.
  • Overload Protection: Sometimes, we tend to overload our mixers. The overloading pressure can damage the mixer’s motor. In order to prevent this from happening, specific mixer-grinder models have an overload protection mechanism that functions as a circuit breaker in the event of overload and further guards against the appliance from breaking down.

Knowing what you need can benefit you in the kitchen more than you might think, whether it’s a traditional mixer-grinder or a stand mixer with more sophisticated features like kneading and whipping. Cooking on a daily basis is best with the traditional ones.

Types Of Blades Of Mixer Grinder

Before selecting a mixer, it is essential to know the blades attached to it. There are different types of blades used in mixer grinders, and each one has different uses. So it is important to use the right blade for the particular purpose for good results and efficiency. Below is the list of categories of blades and their uses. 

Wet Grinding BladesThese are the blades used for preparing a batter for dhokla, idlis, dosas, etc. 
Dry Grinding BladesThey are used to grind dry ingredients like red chilies, cereal, coffee beans, cashew, almonds, cloves, turmeric, etc. 
Chutney Grinding BladeUsed with a chutney grinding jar to prepare various kinds of chutney
Mincer BladeThis kind of blade is usually used for mincing meat.

Advantages Of Mixer Grinders

Mixer grinders are proven to help people in their cooking in several ways. Some of the advantages of a mixer grinder are listed below.

  • Every kitchen appliance needs regular maintenance and cleaning. However, it’s crucial to take into account how simple it is to clean. You can do all maintenance and cleaning by yourself without any external help. Just a few drops of detergent and water will be enough to scrape out all the food particles away. Cleaning them right away after use can make it simple for you to do so. 
  • Multipurpose: It’s time to stop worrying about juicing, crushing, grinding, and kneading once you buy an electric mixer grinder. This versatile gadget comes with multiple jar types and blade types for diverse uses. With this adaptable appliance, you can quickly prepare a range of meals. Making smoothies, preparing the batter, and making chutney grinders can be used effortlessly.
  • Saves Time: Using the Wonderchef mixer grinders saves a lot of time and energy. Your mixer will be able to quickly produce a range of foods you are craving thanks to its modern features and models. Your cooking time will be reduced thanks to these tools.
  • Various Speeds: Electric mixers have a knob or button that can be used to control the speed. You will be able to change the speed in accordance with the recipes you desire thanks to these speed control options. Starting the device at a low speed and increasing it as necessary is advised. It is advised to operate the device while holding the jar’s lid with one hand.
  • Easy To Operate: Using a grinder makes the process of chopping and grinding quite simple. They are user-friendly and can be handled without any complications. Just make sure there are no obstructions between the cable and the grinder and locate a location for your mixer close to a plug connection.
  • Affordable: Wondeschef Mixer grinders are very affordable. They offer so many advantages that it is quite acceptable to invest a little money in them because they are so durable. It acts as a blender, juicer, grinder, mincer, and much more, and hence mixer grinder is very accessible than all the devices purchased separately.

Checkout Best Mixer Grinder from Wonderchef

Top Mixer & GrinderPrice
Sumo Mixer Grinder with 4 Stainless Steel Jars, 1000 W in Black₹ 5,999/-
Platinum Mixer Grinder 750W with 4 Stainless Steel Jars₹ 3,499/-
Vietri Mixer Grinder, 550W with 3 Anti-rust Stainless Steel Jars ₹ 2,699/-
Glory Mixer Grinder, 750 W with 4 Stainless Steel Jars  ₹ 3,899/-

The versatile use of the Wonderchef mixer grinder makes it an ideal appliance for your kitchen. But before buying the mixer grinder, it is important to know all its features and understand if it is fit for you or not. I hope the guide above has bought you one step closer in the journey of finding the right mixer grinder for you. 

Author : Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

Your go-to guide for choosing the mixer-grinder that’s right for you
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Your go-to guide for choosing the mixer-grinder that’s right for you
High-performance mixer-grinder with perfect for blending, grinding, and mixing ingredients.
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