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 How to set the table for Christmas brunch

Christmas Brunch

Setting a Christmas table is a joyous job, but one we want to get right. We’ve seen the table scaping trend go through the roof this year, but whether you’re looking to share your festive spread on social media or keep it for your eyes only, you’ll want to know how to lay the perfect Christmas table. After all, it’s the biggest meal of the year – an important time where many of us get together with friends and family, so you’ll want your Christmas table decoration ideas to be just as special as the moment itself. It’s best to dress the table the night before Christmas. Why? So you have plenty of time to hunt down missing cutlery and crockery, to check glasses are free of watermarks, and it also means you won’t be thrown off if your guests arrive early. Not only that, but by preparing your table early it allows you more time to think about an overhead display, like these hanging paper decorations, or dressing the shelves and surfaces in the room to create a beautiful ambience.

When you choose a theme for your table, you can really do as much or as little as you like. It could be you simply choose one key colour to pick up in your tablecloth, napkins and table arrangement, or you may want to go all out with a specific ‘look, whether it’s nature-inspired with lots of wood and greenery, or Art Deco opulence, such as this table above. From peacock feathers and gold-sprayed fruit, to earthy colours and Scandic-style decorations, the world is your oyster. So get creative and come up with a theme that not only suits your home, but calls to your imagination, too.

Layering your table is key, so decide if you’re using a tablecloth or runner (or both), then pop a charger or beaded placemat for each place setting, topped with your choice of crockery and bowls. When it comes to your napkin, decide if you want to make a feature of it with some serious Christmas napkin folding origami (bows and Christmas tree designs are easy to fold), or whether you’d rather use an ornate napkin ring. 

Depending on the size of the table, you might already be struggling to fit on all your glasses and crockery. If that’s the case, avoid cluttering it up further with tealights and other decorations. However, it’s always worth squeezing in a Christmas table centrepiece idea. Just remember, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

A long planter with pillar candles nestled into moss keeps things simple, and the shape works well with a standard rectangular-shaped dining table.

As for cutlery, I love using Wonderchef’s Roma Cutlery set. The gold and silver looks great on my table setting. Be it a formal dinner or an everyday meal, Roma premium cutlery enhances every experience. The set comprises 6 dinner spoons, 6 dinner forks, 6 teaspoons, 6 dinner knives and it comes with a stand to place the cutlery neatly. I also love using the Wonderchef Teramo stoneware dinner plates, along with the bowls. It’s inspired by the beautiful earthy tones meeting the sky and derives from the Roman city of  Teramo. The white and gray also goes really well with any kind of table linen. More on this shortly. The Modena multipurpose bowls can be used to serve a variety of desserts like parfait, mousse, etc.

How to choose the correct table linen? 

  • Size and shape
    – A table linen size helps communicate the overall level of formality. For casual occasions, a 6-8″ drop is suitable; for formal occasions, a 10-15″ drop is all the more fitting.
  • The tone of Room or Event
    – Table Cloths help set the state of mind for a dinner – regardless of whether lighthearted and happy, rich and romantic, or genuine and proficient.
  • Material
    – Material table cloths help make upscale settings and are intended to withstand daily use, while dispensable covers are better for casual occasions and generally single-use only.
  • Shading
    – While white tablecloth and ivory are regular for formal settings, strong hues make dramatic sceneries and festive displays when facilitated with other tabletop elements.
  • Cost
    – With such huge numbers of table linen options accessible, it’s possible to find table covers that meet every one of your needs, including fitting into your spending plan!

Christmas dinner table with food at home in the living room

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

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