Top 4 marriage gifts for a bride

Top 4 marriage gifts for a bride

Wedding season is still underway and it’s natural if you’ve run out of ideas of what to gift brides. Sometimes, it can be tough to impress an Indian bride. A good rule of thumb to remember is to give something simple, durable, long-lasting and convenient to use. Something they can use everyday and think of you as they sip their coffee or cook a meal with their hubby or bake a cake, perhaps even for your birthday! True memories are made over cooking meals together and I can’t imagine better marriage gifts for your close friends’ who’re starting their new, dream lives. 

Here’s a list of some excellent options to keep in mind while making a list of options for your closest bride friends.

1. Modena Multi Purpose Bowl set of 6: This multipurpose bowl can be used for desserts, dals, etc. It comes in a set of 6 and each bowl can hold up to 210 ML of any food or liquid. It’s also shaped really beautifully and makes a great addition to any dinner party. Definitely a hit amongst the many wedding gift ideas for friends. 

2. Graphite Cookware Set: This sleek and modern cookware set comes with a kadhai and a casserole. You can use the kadhai to make any kind of dish like chicken, mutton, dal, paneer and the casserole can be used to store it and also to cook other dishes in. It also comes with a fry pan, a grill pan, a dosa tawa and more. With its grey outer covering, it’s a really beautiful gift to give to a bride before she begins her married life. The beautiful stone and ravishing deep grey shade will surely add charm to any kitchen. The non stick coating also enables oil-free cooking and it comes pre-seasoned so that’s half your job done. 

3. Crimson Edge Kettle & Sandwich Maker: This range is inspired by a day in the life of a quintessential millennial. It’s got cutting edge technology and a design that gives it a superior quality. You can wake up to a perfect cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast smoothie. You can give this experience to the bride to make her life easier. 

4. OTG – 9 litres: This one has a separate oven, toaster and grill where the bride-to -be can bake soft breads and delicious cakes, toast oil-free papad and rotis, grill vegetables and meat, and she can do so much more in the comfort of her own home. Gone are the days of ordering in and take out. The post-pandemic surge in cooking is well oiled by the Wonderchef OTG-9 litres. It offers a sleek and aesthetic design that is built using a stainless steel heating element along with a heat-resistant tempered glass resistant to temperatures up to 250 degree Celsius.

Author: Alina Gufran, writer and film-maker, who loves the outdoors and reading.

Top 4 marriage gifts for a bride
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Top 4 marriage gifts for a bride
Find the perfect presents with our top 4 marriage gift ideas for brides.
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