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Juicing: The best kept secret of Healthy Living

It often seems like a new diet pops up on the internet every minute. Where some ask you to eat more carbs, others ask you to avoid them altogether. Some ask you to only have cheese and dairy products, others will say even looking at them is unhealthy. So, it’s easy for a person to be lost in the overload of this information. However, the basics of being healthy are known to everyone: have more vegetables and fruits and eat your meals on time. But in our lives where fast food is a delivery-food-app away, how do we enrich our meals?

The answer to the dwindling nutrition problem and the best kept secret of celebrities, from athletes to Bollywood stars, is juicing. Blending a variety of fruits and veggies together to give you maximum nutrition is what juicing is all about.

How does juicing help
Juices are a tremendously better alternative to drinking store-bought soft drinks. Freshly pressed juices give you vitamin C, B1 and K. They also replenish potassium and magnesium. Drinking juices regularly helps get rid of toxins, aids digestion and is significantly easier for the body to process while still being nutritious.

Juicing is also an interesting way of adding more green leafy vegetables in your diet. Juicing spinach with a squeeze of lemon will give you more nutrition than eating a portion of a spinach sabzi at lunch.

Common myth: Juicingis a diet
Many people follow juicing as a lifestyle where they’ve replaced most meals for juices. But there are no rules like that. If your expectation from juicing is to get the most amount of micronutrient and drinking juices’ overall benefits, enjoying them as daily boosts is also equally good.

Getting started with juicing
Juices are best consumed freshly pressed, and can be made at home. There are different types of juicers you can choose from when buying a new one. 

For orange, mosambi, malta juices, you can use a citrus juicer,

Any and all kinds of fruits and vegetables can be juiced in the Nutri-Blend.

But using a cold-pressed juicer will keep the maximum nutrition in your juices, and will also keep them fresh for longer. Cold-pressing juices also retains enzymes, vitamins & minerals due to a unique slow-squeezing mechanism which does not generate any heat.

Juice recipe ideas
For an immunity and vitamin boost, juice up apple, carrot, and orange.

If you’d like to start off your day with a juice rich with anti-inflammatory properties, blend beetroot, carrot, ginger, and turmeric.

To entice sweets-lovers and kids to juicing strawberries and kiwi make a great drink. You can even follow along to our chef recommended recipes:

Healthy living is easier when you’ve got the right tools to help you. Check out Wonderchef’s collection of premium cooking appliances and be on the path to great health!

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